Self-doubt is something that my clients and myself suffer with. Personally, for me – it can be daily. And on some days, it can be hourly!


There isn’t a human on the plant that at one time or another hasn’t suffered from self-doubt.


That nagging question from our inner critic – “Who am I do to do xyz”


It was something that held me back for a long time. Now I keeping going and push through the resistance.


It is the difference between people who take action and those who don’t. They persist, keeping going and reach their goals & dreams.


I know that you are capable of great things. Don’t let self-doubt derail you.


Here are my 5 Tips to Overcome Self Doubt.


1. Keep going – don’t let it hold you back.


2. Remember it isn’t about you. It is about the people who you are helping. It is about the value you are providing, not about shining a spotlight on you and how much you know. You are doing your audience a disserve by not sharing your knowledge and value with them.


3. The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know. It is a good thing if you are questioning if you know enough or not. There is a concept called the Dunning Kruger Effect. It explains how people who don’t know a lot, think they know a lot, and the ones who question if they know enough are the people who know quite a lot. Google it!


4. Remind yourself of the impact you have. Start saving testimonials and social proof. Screenshot commons that make you simile i.e. thank you. Collect emails from clients that provide feedback on the service you have provided. Save these things and when self-doubt kicks in, or you start questioning yourself, you can go back and read them. It will remind you that if you showed up more, you can help more people


5. Ask for help – lean on others for support. Check-in with your business bestie, reach out to your peer group, join a mastermind group so you can bounce off. Get yourself a mentor to help you work through this. It is good to have a second opinion and to lift you up when you need it.


Check out this great TED talk by Mike Cannon-Brookes


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