As I write this, I can’t believe it is week 8 of Covid-19 lock down!

How is business for you?

Do you feel this isn’t the time to market your business?

Do you feel that if you do it is pushy and sleazy?

Have you stopped marketing during this lock down?

Visibility is everything in business. It is how you build your brand. It is how you standing out from your competition, build credibility and social proof. It can be your USP (Unique Selling Proportion).

It is time to show up. You can help with tips and advice, share your knowledge and experience. Or just provide support where need. If you are a product business show people how to get the best out it i.e. jewellery – what to wear it with. You are the expert in your business, potential clients are looking at you for help.

We are a nation of watchers – your clients and potential clients are still watching you and need you more than ever. It is time to step up and be the expert in your field. Show up, add value, build relationships and make connections.

A recent survey by Bauer Media shows that 20% are buying out of boredom and 27% are buying to reward themselves at this current time.

You may need to pivot and take your services/products online. This is the ideal opportunity to do this. Everyday I am blown away with what people are genuinely offering people via various online platforms. Yesterday I was watching a lady on the news who was giving away advice on how to look after your hair during this time (and being paid for it!)

To Sell is to Serve

If you don’t show up and be visibly with your business you are forcing potential clients to buy from your competition!

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