This blog post has been inspired by comments and feedback in my Facebook group – NO BS Business Success Club. I did a live back in February and now I am following up with a blog post.


You can watch the video on YouTube or better still, request to come and join the conversation in my group.


1. WAITING– waiting to build an audience before you start selling! Why?? This one blows my mind every time I hear a business owner tell me this. Waiting to build an audience, waiting for their logo or website to be ready, waiting for the right time….. waiting, waiting, waiting! STOP


STOP waiting! You are wasting time. People need you right now, not when you are ready. Plus, there could be a worst problem you face. What if they don’t want what you are offering? Think of the time, money, and effort that you have invested.


Get out there today. Start the conversation. What does your audience want from you? I know every business needs marketing, but if I offer that to the market I get crickets. When I offer my services to help them get more clients and profits what do you think happens!


2. NOT BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST – did you know you will sell 40x more to an email list than you will ever do on social media? Email is not dead. After conversations, it is the fast way to connect with your audience.


Give them something of value. Something they need right now. Use it frequently (at least once a week) to connect, and sell.. Content is no longer King! Quality and consistency have taken it is place.


Personally, if I sign up for an email list and I don’t hear from them, I just think it is rude. So don’t just start building an email list because you need to. You will need to allocate time and resources to it. Or better still, outsource to a VA.


Have you got an email list? Is it GDPR compliant? How often do you send out emails?


3. SOCIAL MEDIA – Why would you build your business on a platform that you have no control over? Focusing 99.9% of all your marketing efforts on Social Media and not looking after your home (website) is creating a lot of work, keeping your business and I know isn’t bring in the work.


Caveat – I have neglected my own website for years. That is a whole different post to this, which i will do in a couple of weeks.


Your website is your home. It is where everything about you, your business, your services/products should be housed. The longer you can keep people on your website and returning to it – the more money you make. Fact. Plus with an email sign up box, you build your email list – win-win (make sure it is GDPR compliant)


You have full control of your website and what is on there. Google loves a website that is updated frequently i.e. at least every 3 months. If you have a blog, you will be updating it weekly


When was the last time you updated your website. If I checked your site right now, would I know what you did, how to buy from you, and find an answer to the questions in my head?


4. IDEAL CLIENT – There is so much resistance to doing this work. Why? Wouldn’t be easier and cost-effective for your marketing, content, offers, and services/products to be connecting with the right audience?


It is noisy out there, you need to cut through the noise like a knife into butter. The best way to do this is to connect with your ideal client.


Have you done this work? If not, why not?


5. HOPING – what I call hope marketing. Check out my recent blog on this very subject.


The majority, over 80%, of marketing I see is hope marketing. I know from my own personal experience how painful this is. There is an easier way to do business, win clients and make money.


Which one of these struck a chord with you? Which one made you think I needed to sort this out today? Let me know, reach out. Let’s have a conversation.


I have my Power Hour session available for a quick and easy fix to all of the above and more. It is only £149 and will save you thousands. You can book in for a session via this link. Or if you want to have a chat first, drop me an email at (new website coming soon.