Are You a Female Coach, Consultant, Service Provider or Entreprenuer?   

Are you ready to charge your worth and make more money?

Are you ready to work with clients you actually like? 

Are you ready to doing work you actually enjoy? 

Then you are in the right place.

My NO-Nonsense BS approach to Business will create the results you are looking for.

I know you are frustrated

  • You are not earning what you truly desire.
  • You are working more hours than is necessary.
  • You are craving money in the bank, time freedom and if you are honest some adventure.

It has never been easier then now to start and grow a business.

This is where your confusion, overwhelm and frustration kicks in.  You are spending your days trying to figure out marketing, sales and being online.  All these tasks are keeping you from making the progress you have planned.

Book in for a 1:2:1 NO BS Strategy Power Hour and lets get you on the right track today.


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Why You Need A Plan

Why You Need A Plan

In the famous words of Lewis Carole  "If we don't know where you want to go, it doesn't matter which path you take".   Why is it important to have a plan?  If you booked a holiday, sold your house, or start a new health regime, you would formulate a plan of what needs...

Your Time is Precious

Your Time is Precious

Time to be honest – Your time is precious! There will always be things you need to do.  There will always be distractions.  There will always be something new on the block to check out.  However, the reality is time is limited.  There are always going to be 150 things...

5 Tips to Overcome Self Doubt Today

5 Tips to Overcome Self Doubt Today

Self-doubt is something that my clients and myself suffer with. Personally, for me – it can be daily. And on some days, it can be hourly!   There isn’t a human on the plant that at one time or another hasn’t suffered from self-doubt.   That nagging question from our...

What My Clients are saying…

I’m passionate about my work – and in the past I was so focused on over delivering that I forgot to honour my own value. Working with Shamaine has helped me rebalance the value equation, where I still focus on delivering great value for my clients but am comfortable with recognising the expertise and experience I bring to the table and be appropriately remunerated for it. In marketing myself more effectively, I am able to sustain a healthy business – not an expensive hobby – and reach the right clients. These clients value their investment and are committed to getting results, which, in turn has made my working experience much more rewarding. I’d thoroughly recommend working with Shamaine if you want to change your mindset and reach your ideal clients.

Felicity Lerouge

Shamaine, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance in business and marketing, and keeping me held accountable to get stuff done that truly benefits the business. Your ideas are unique and always absolutely spot on. I am incredibly thankful that I found you!

Helen Rouse

Director at Simon Constantinou

I cannot recommend Shamaine enough, there are not enough words to describe the impact she has. Over the last 6 months, Shamaine has provided me guidance and mentorship that has been a significant asset to my business. She is blunt and to the point, but she knows her stuff and seems to have an innate ability to push you exactly when and where you need to be pushed. She teaches me daily about the power of marketing and how important it is to value your own skills and strengths. She is so knowledgeable about so many areas of business; it matters not that I work in I.T. or that someone else does printing etc. Shamaine has a talent for getting you to do the stuff that you keep putting off, making you see how to prioritise what is most beneficial to your business and pushes you so far out of your comfort zone that the dividends are enormous! Everyone needs Shamaine in their lives!!!!

Chrissie Williams

Director, Penguin IT LTD


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