I can highly recommend Shamaine. She can get to the root of a problem quickly and explain it in terms that are understandable. Shamaine gave me some very valuable ideas on increasing my client base. I followed the advice and it worked. And absolutely no BS!

Andrew Brenton

I have known Shamaine for 3 years and have found her to be really helpful and provides genuine feedback and advice with a cheeky twist! Shamaine has a great understanding of what is required for businesses to develop a sound marketing platform to drive business whilst engaging with their customers on an emotional level. She has a wide range of knowledge across a number of areas of business development and would be a great asset to any business.

Mel Evans

If you are struggling to get the types of clients you want to be working with, then I would highly recommend a conversation with Shamaine. Her unique approach to marketing ensures you always are communicating with Your. Ideal. Client. – every time. Interestingly, after a very enjoyable conversation with Shamaine just recently, I also identified the type of client that probably wasn’t right for me as well!

I feel a lot more confident now in getting in front of my ideal clients and to not doubt myself. And low and behold, after this little bit of mentoring, my communications changed and my Ideal Client started engaging with me – so it works!! Thank You Shamaine!!

Hannah McCartan

Shamaine takes you through the marketing process really carefully, in real language. I now realise what I need to do to build my business long-term. Love it.

Deanne Adams

I first met Shamaine when she gave a ‘marketing tips’ presentation at Carmarthenshire WIRE networking. Shamaine is an energetic, captivating presenter, but not only that she knows her stuff! The presentation was packed with valuable information that caused me to stop and rethink my marketing approach. Really helpful, thanks Shamaine!

Meg Ward

Shamaine has a wealth of knowledge and gave me insights I wouldn’t have gotten to on my own. She saved me lots of time and pointed me in a direction that I know will help my coaching business. She knows her stuff! Thank you Shamaine!

Rebecca Storch

Shamaine gave a fantastic talk to the Swansea FHT group last night. She shared plenty of great tips and also made time to look at individuals marketing materials and give constructive criticism. A knowledgable and entertaining speaker. Would gladly have her back again.

Susan Cole

The work I did with Shamaine has given me new focus in my marketing. I enjoyed the hours we spent reviewing my business marketing and planning a strategy which I am now implementing. Before working with Shamaine I often felt at a loss for marketing ideas and as a result my marketing efforts were very hit and miss. Not any more! These days I have a plan – a realistic and achievable plan, one which I will continue to implement for the foreseeable future.
The best investment I’ve made in my business this year!
Georgia Walby

Sharmaine has a wealth of experience and knowledge which helps her design and implement effective marketing strategies using the full range of communication tools and media to provide solutions to business issues. If you need advice or an effective marketing strategy, its well worth giving Sharmaine a call.

David James


I met with Shamaine to discuss developing a marketing and social media plan. What I got was so much more. Shamaine has a huge wealth of experience in marketing and business development. Straight talking and honest, she’ll work with you to build a plan that will drive your business forward and then she’ll remind you to take action to ensure the plan leads to change and success.

Shamaine watches her clients with interest and genuinely cares about whether they succeed or not. She is not afraid to hold the mirror up to show a client the blocks that are holding them back – but she also provides the tools, support and advice to overcome them. If you are an action taker who is ready to learn, work hard and build your business then you need to get in touch with Shamaine now and see if you can work together.

Anita Davies

Freedom from Tedium

Shamaine takes the time to understand me and my business, recommends e-marketing ideas which work and cuts through all the jargon. I feel in safe hands.

Sue Smart

Shamaine has buckets of enthusiasm and years of marketing knowledge. She breaks down her knowledge into manageable chunks for the non marketing person to understand easily. She is an entertaining and engaging speaker and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a go to person for SME’s for marketing expertise.

Sarah Mcdonald

I happened to come across Shamaine talking to Nikki Knight recently and i am so glad i did as she has probably saved me between £150-£900!
Shamaine said small businesses don’t need to worry about branding the same as big companies do. We all know the colours and branding for coca cola, Macdonalds etc but it is very unlikely someone going into a shop is going to remember what logo or colours you or I use. What they will remember if they like your product or service is your name.
I have been struggling to get my thoughts around a logo for the last few months, i have just started a new business and I had the bright idea of having a logo i could use for this and my main business. I had an idea which was pretty good i thought but then i got stuck. I was trying to set it up on Canva and struggling to do it myself so i started asking around for quotes. £150-£300 was the minimum, the maximum was £900! I certainly wasn’t going to pay this but some business might feel pressured into doing this because we have been told we need a logo!
My name has now become my logo, I set it up on Canva and have started making headway with my work website which has been a holding page for the last 2 years. I feel like my head has become clear and i can strive forward with my plans. Thank You Shamaine X
Amanda Cook

I have known and worked with Shamaine for over 9 years. Her knowledge, understanding and honesty about marketing your business is refreshing. She always comes up with brilliant but often very simple ideas I can implement immediately.

Julie Raikes Shepherd

Shamaine is very creative and knows her business! As well as understanding the marketing theory she also has the ability to both explain and present these theories in a practical way, that can then be implemented.. She is a good listener and was able to, practically, help take our business forward, she genuinely cared about working with us and was generous in sharing information and ideas. She always has innovative ideas, and works through problems masterfully. Without her help, assistance and guidance I think we would still be struggling on in our own amateurish way. She is highly recommended and I would not hesitate in using her again myself.

Clive Mason

I would highly recommend Shamaine. I’ve known her for over 4 years now and I was very new to business back then, she has been an incredible source of information and has guided me along my journey as my business has grown. She really knows her stuff when it comes to marketing and provides a lot of valuable information and guidance. Her Facebook group is also a great community to join and be inspired by 🥰

Alison Worrall

Shamaine was awesome! She has helped me see the wood for the trees and start to focus on the things that will get me to where I want to be. Its been a difficult year and she has helped me realise what is important. I would thoroughly recommend Shamaine if you need help getting yourself and your business out there!!

Julia Hames

Coding Cottage Ltd

I’ve attended one of sharmaine’s workshops today and I’ve been so inspired by her knowledge and passion that I can’t wait to start implementing what she has shared in my own business. Thank you!

Alexandra Evans

Coding Cottage Ltd

I met Shamaine through a networking group. What struck me first was her friendly approach and generosity with her time and expertise. Her no nonsense manner is brilliant and she gave me loads of fantastic advice in just one session. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shamaine, she’s a star!!!

Louise Shakespeare

I have had the pleasure of having Shamaine host several marketing workshops at the Bierkeller all of which have been very well received, informative and fun. I have also seeked marketing advice from Shamaine which has all been very effective.

She offers a professional yet honest service and literally does what it says on the tin. Marketing advice without the BS. I would highly recommend anyone in need of some marketing help to get in touch.

Zoe Field

Shamaine does what she says on her TIN – marketing without the BS! Great advice, knowledgeable marketing insights, and very inspiriting. If you are looking to seek some clarity on the way forward with your marketing, then Shamaine is your lady!

Janine Halley

Shamaine is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker – she gave a talk at a WIRE event that I attended, really enjoyed it, clear, no frills advice presented with a good sprinkling of humour

Trudie Petersen


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